Monday, March 28, 2011

Dim Debate on Light Bulbs

I'm a cynic, and frequently disappointed in politicians. That said, it's even more depressing than usual to see the ignorant Congresschimps throwing their feces on compact fluorescent light bulbs and shrieking about "freedom."

Are our elected officials stupid, or are they liars? Because the legislation they decry (signed into law by W, I might add) doesn't make incandescent bulbs illegal. It simply requires a minimum light output for a given electrical input. In the intervening years, amazingly enough, companies which manufacture light bulbs have introduced more efficient incandescent bulbs in addition to much-improved compact fluorescents and LEDs.

So, what was done was a rarity in legislation... instead of over-specifying and doing something stupid (as the lying bastards are TELLING you they have done) this legislation just said "You have to make light bulbs that are more efficient than the ones your grandfather used." And companies did just that, but your Congresschimps want to roll back the clock to 1950 in more ways than one.