Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Signs of Stupidity

Imagine if you will a snooty fast-food chicken joint.  At Montgomery Plaza in Fort Worth is a LEED-Certified Chick-fil-a and they apparently are making a big deal of that.  One would think, given the amount of documentation required for LEED certification, they might have had someone involved in the project who had some skill with written communication.

I pulled up in the rain to find only 3 parking spaces available, each with a sign like the one below in front of it.

I parked my Legacy GT Wagon in front of this sign.  I once saw 28 mpg highway with a 25 mph tailwind... normal highway is 24-25 mpg, but on average it returns close to 2x the mileage of my truck, so it's the fuel-efficient vehicle in MY fleet.  Since it's not a code issue, there's no force of law behind the stupid sign in the first place, but it IS private property... I guess they could leave a nastygram on the window.

I checked inside, there's nothing posted about what a "fuel-efficient vehicle" might be.  I didn't ASK of course, because I may have the opportunity to park there again and need to maintain plausible deniability.  I guess it's not that much worse than the "Expectant Mother" spaces at Central Market in Austin, but at least there's a definition of pregnant.

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Lance said...

Ah well. If it makes them feel good about themselves, it's worth it, right?