Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rick Perry: Stupid, or evil?

Rick Perry, supposedly the duly-elected governor of my state, has repeated the long-debunked canard that Texas joined the US with a pre-approved agreement to secede if it chose to do so.  He couched this in a half-hearted statement that he didn't think Texas should do so, but the fact that he thinks we somehow have the right to do so is troublesome.  He's already been busy selling off as much of our state's infrastructure as he can get his helmet-haired head around to the private sector (including private companies based in other countries.) 

I was able to ignore Perry for the most part when the biggest part of my shame was that our former governor was busily wrecking the federal government (along with Iraq and Afghanistan) but now that there are signs that we have a president with detectable brain activity, it's time to get rid of Perry.  Even Kay Bailey Hutchison would be an improvement, and that is saying something.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree! But do something if you want that kind of action. Join some groups, write letters, talk to your friends, get the word out! You might just make a difference. Maybe you could be the democrat who runs against him!